Why Superfoods

Without going through vast presentations from scientists in white coats about diets and the human body, it is widely accepted that processed, mass farmed, pesticide enhanced crops are not long term healthy for us.  

Why is that? In short modern farming methods remove a lot of the goodness from plants, vegetables and fruits.   

The cells in our body generally function better in an alkali environment, both from an overall health perspective and critically their ability to fight diseases.  

Processed foods do the exact opposite of this and tend to increase the acidity in our body making it harder to stay long term healthy.

Enter Superfoods…Roots, seeds, and most fruits when they are picked are rich not only in alkalis, but in superfoods they are also rich in nutrients, and minerals that can be hugely beneficially to how your body metabolises, boost your energy levels, and generally make you feel amazing!!