Bringing Peru's world class superfoods to the UK

Immensely proud of our connections with Peru

Welcome to Sumaq Super Foods

Sumaq Superfoods was formed with the simple goal of bringing world class superfoods to the UK.  At the same time as sharing knowledge as to the amazing benefits of superfoods and bringing a sense of one of the world’s oldest and purest farming cultures from Peru to the UK. We offer a wonderful array of organic superfoods sourced straight from Peru. At Sumaq we are immensely proud of our connections with Peru and are highly passionate about ensuring the farmers are empowered locally and are able to love the land and maintain the techniques and traditions their ancestors have passed down for thousands of years.

Our business is built around 4 core values:
Providing the freshest, best quality, most reasonably priced product we can
Education based around the amazing health benefits of Peru's superfoods 
 Helping to promote the current and future welfare of local farmers in Peru
Operating and continuing to run an environmentally and ethically sound business

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